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Frederick A.T. Rothhaar

Founder of the Museum


"Who visited the Museum,

 will realise that Hungary is

 a positive country.

I've built the Museum

 as a gift to Hungary and as

 thanks for 20 happy years

 my family and I have

 spent in Hungary. We hope

 to be able to live many

 more years in Budapest"

The Museum is a private initiative


and was built with the intention to inform the tourist visitors in shortest time on the main events in the country of their destination. But  also for the Hungarian visitors and especially for young people it is a place of entertaining information  


Our Museum is not an institution with a scientific background, and only a few artifacts have been collected.


The information about the settlement of the Carpathian basin, the time of the Romans, the Huns and the history of the Hungarians, the Magyar, are represented in clear panels. Especially those achivements which are in the area of science and technology, art and literature, as well as the sporting results of Hungary in the past few centuries are exposed.


Young audiences want to

 be enthusiastic, not to

 be  bored. Through the

 com-pact representation

 in the form of wall charts

our info-Museum

 is particularly suitable

 to introduce the

Hungarian history to

small children and students.